The Blueprint


How will we travel in and around our communities in the future? 

The way we travel in the Denver metro area is rapidly changing.

Advanced technology and internet connectivity are providing new options every day. To maintain the economic competitiveness and livability of our communities, we must identify and anticipate how technological advances like driverless vehicles, mobility apps and streamlined fare payment could dramatically change our transportation systems.

The region’s major multimodal agencies have agreed to develop a Mobility Choice Blueprint—a coordinated strategic direction for the evolving mobility of metro Denver related to walking, biking, driving, ride hailing and transit.

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What will the Blueprint address?

Representatives from public and private sectors are collaborating to develop a 15-year strategy — a Blueprint — to efficiently incorporate technology into our multimodal transportation network to improve equitable access, connectivity and reliability throughout metro Denver.


  • Analyze travel trends and technologies in the Denver metro area
  • Explore and evaluate different combinations and types of technologies and how they increase mobility
  • Find ways that regional public agencies and the private sector can work together to fund and implement technologies
  • Align transportation investments of multiple public agencies strategically
  • Get ideas from local residents and organizations about how technology can help create a livable community

Who will inform the Blueprint?

The creation of the Blueprint involves extensive outreach to the general public to understand what is important to individuals about transportation and lifestyle needs related to technology. Ideas gained from one-on-one conversations will be supplemented by those submitted through social media sites, online public meetings and electronic surveys.

Global thought leaders and local technical experts will also provide insights into how technology from around the world is influencing mobility here in the Denver metro area.

What will define the Blueprint?

Arriving at a comprehensive Blueprint will mean analyzing several new multimodal technologies and assessing different ways to make them available to the public. Multiple scenarios will be evaluated and tested based on what the community and the thought leaders have said is important about the future of mobility.

  • Improved Air Quality
  • Bike / Pedestrian Proximity
  • Travel Reliability & Safety
  • Access to Jobs
  • Multimodal Choices 
  • Reduced Congestion



What will the Blueprint contain?

The final Blueprint will set the vision and contain strategies for local agencies to implement cutting-edge technology that promotes mobility and supports livable communities. It will also have recommendations for agency policy and program changes, as well as options for pilot projects that can be funded and tested by transportation agencies in partnership with the private sector.